Sunday, June 10, 2012

June is Pea Month!

As any reader can note, I slacked off took a break all last month. I had good intentions, but they went out with the window with the insanely busy schedule that is Trevor and Leah.

In the span of six weeks, Trevor and I have been to:

Austin, TX (Leah)
Dallas, TX (Trevor)
Olathe, KS (Trevor... twice)
San Diego, CA (Trevor)
Lincoln City, OR (Leah)
Seattle (Leah)
Bend (Leah... once, Trevor... twice)
Kissimmee, FL (Leah)

Needless to say, we've been too busy globe trotting to cook vegetables. We'll continue to be busy, but a month off has provided the necessary motivation to continue. Everyone needs a break and since this is "my" blog, I should be able to give myself a break. 

So that brings me back to June. This month so far in Portland has been aptly renamed to June-uary and has been a rainy cold mess. The forecast calls for wonderful weather for the next several weeks, so fingers crossed! As a result of our mixed month, I'm going to choose Peas for June. This vegetable can be served in warm dishes such as pastas, casseroles and soups. But it can also be served cold in salads and... um... other cold things, making it versatile to our weather needs.

With three weeks left in the month and one of them being spent in Seattle, I'll do my best. Here's to cooking and blogging!

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