Monday, April 23, 2012

Crispy Parmesan Asparagus Sticks

Alrighty, you have to post the times when the recipe doesn't work out so well... right?! 

Well here it is! They seemed like such a good idea and I have no doubt this is chef error. The basic idea was to put the asparagus through an egg wash and then in flour, panko and parmesan cheese before throwing them in the oven. I guess I must have done it wrong because it was just a floury goop that wouldn't stick to the asparagus. After battling with six of them, I gave up. They turned out alright, but not great and pretty tasteless. I liked most of the other asparagus recipes significantly better.

Trevor made a fantastic shrimp and mushroom dish and that definitely stole the dinner show. That recipe went in the recycling and I'm movin' on to different recipes!


  1. When battering it is helpful to use one hand as a "wet" hand and one hand as a "dry" hand. Not sure if that is what caused the trouble.

    1. This was probably the reason it didn't go so well! I was more focused on a "salmonella egg gunk" hand and a "sanitary" hand!


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