Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April is Asparagus Month!

As promised, April is Asparagus month!

I must admit, I'm only partially excited for this one. So far the other vegetables have seemed so versatile that there have been so many things to try. In fact, I have at least two more cabbage dishes I want to make. But Asparagus I'm having a hard time coming up with different ways to prepare it. I'm hoping that family, friends and readers send recipes to help! 

When I've been telling people that April is Asparagus month the overwhelming response has been... "good luck with your pee!" The boyfriend even calls them "Stinky Pee Sticks". How appetizing. Since I haven't eaten asparagus, I am not familiar with this smell, so I did some research. A quick Wikipedia search pulled up some interesting research on the topic, check it out here (scroll down to "Urine Effects".) Turns out that while Asparagus causes all human's pee to turn "odorous" not all humans have the ability to smell it. Please, oh please let me not have the ability to smell it! 

Fingers crossed!


  1. wrap it in bacon!! mix it with risotto!! throw it on the grill!! pickle it!!

  2. I'm pumped for the grill, but that will have to wait until we get a new one :( Bacon is a great idea and there will be a post soon involving more bacon :) Any tips on pickling? I've heard about pickling/marinating, but not sure how.

  3. I'm hoping to try canning some this spring but you don't get to enjoy them quite as quickly that way. I would use this recipe and just replace the cucumbers with asparagus. You can also use just about any containers you have to make them in since you won't be canning them. The longer they sit in the fridge the better they taste I think:


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