Monday, February 13, 2012

Chili Goodness and a Treat for Reading

This next recipe is one of my new favorites. I never ever thought I'd say that a chili recipe is even in the same vicinity of a favorite. But this is so quick, easy and good it's hard not to have it in any sort of "top" list. Still doesn't compare to buttered noodles, but what does I ask you?

I first had this with the Knitting Ladies at Janine's house. This easy recipe is fun because each person gets to customize it. And we all know how society likes to customize! Sidenote: Indi Custom Jeans isn't all it's cracked up to be. Good thing I'm not writing a fashion blog.

I cooked this for our friends Spencer and Erika. Even though I messed up the quantities, they still ate it and raved about it. I completely forgot to take photos, I was just so excited to have them over and cook! So I made it again tonight, but in a much smaller portion.

The recipe is called White Chicken Chili... but don't worry you can use Dark Chicken too ;) I believe the White is referring to White Beans, so I propose a recipe name change... White Bean Chicken Chili... yum!

White Bean Chicken Chili
Thanks Janine!

4 cups chopped chicken
1 tblsp olive oil
2 medium onions-chopped
3-16 oz cans of White Beans or Great Northern (do not drain/rinse)
2 tsp cumin
1 1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 oz can of green chilis
1 clove garlic-minced

Saute chicken with onion in olive oil until fully cooked. In large sauce pan or crock pot add the chicken and the remaining ingredients. Heath through until ready to eat.

The first thing I did wrong with Spencer and Erika was start to drain the beans. It dawned on me half way through that that is the only source of liquid for the chili. So both times I've had to add in some chicken broth... not the end of the world and I actually really enjoyed it. I also couldn't find a 2 oz can of green chilis, only a 4 oz can. No problem, I thought, I'll only use half the can. Well I got can happy and dumped the whole darn thing in. Again, turned out great. I believe this is a VERY forgiving recipe. I've also never put in the oregano nor the cayenne pepper. Oops!

I served this with several different bowls of goodness such as: chopped green onions, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, avocados, and crushed tortilla chips. This is where the customization comes in! It's fun to watch what others put on and each ingredient just puts the chili over the top. I have a feeling this will be a new favorite dish for company as it's so fun and easy. Enjoy!

Bonus! If you've read this far, here's another treat. This one is a HUGE stretch... but it is green, so I think by some standards it totally counts as a vegetable ;) These are delicious and worth the tiny amount of effort. Thanks for reading!

Easy No Bake Creamy Chocolate Mint Bars

For the crust I used Mint Oreos... mint overload!

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