Sunday, March 4, 2012

March is Cabbage Month!

I spent a while debating about what the vegetable will be for March. I'm starting to get a lot of suggestions and help, which I LOVE! Something new I've decided to incorporate in to the decision making process is what vegetables are in season each month. I originally had slated Asparagus for March because I heard they are one of the first vegetables in season. However, after talking to Carissa who works at Whole Foods (which posts a convenient list of harvest periods of vegetables on their bags) I discovered that Asparagus is best in April, not March. Plus Asparagus and April make a nice alliteration pair.

Last St. Paddy's Day I enjoyed Cabbage for the first time after the boyfriend's mom made it for us. I thought it would be a perfect vegetable for March so that I had an excuse to make Corned Beef and Cabbage... as if I needed one! So let me make it official and announce that March is Cabbage Month!

The positives of Cabbage:

-great source of Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 which I already take in large quantities to fight tension and migraine headaches (sidenote to all the women who get headaches: you should definitely check out Vitamin B2... changed my headache life)

-often paired with bacon (Bacon is so good, to improve other food, they wrap it in bacon. Jim Gaffigan)

-frequently added to soups and stews (great winter dishes)

-easily identified and found at grocery stores

I've been busy looking up recipes for Cabbage and am really looking forward to experimenting! If anyone has a great recipe involving cabbage, please send it my way!

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